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A Message from Pastor Terry


Thank you all for your continued support of New Beginnings.  We are grateful for prayers for the women as, at this time, they are not allowed visitors and most programs are cancelled.  Social distancing takes on new meaning when you are in isolation behind wire and friends and family cannot visit.  Please consider including the women and their children in your prayers during this intensified time of separation.  

We are grateful for volunteers and visitors.  Please know at this time entry of both volunteers and visitors is suspended to keep the inside community healthy.  There are no cases reported inside at this time. 

We thank God and all of you for the many ways you support the ministry.

What is Still "Feeding" the Women

(and then some)?


Some of you are asking, what are the women doing inside the prison right now that feeds their soul?  Well, for one, they still have the canine training program.  Seven of the ten women in this photo are part of the New Beginnings Inside Council.  Read what The Freedom Press has to say.  

"The PTKCP brings exceptional value to both partners.  Training dogs benefits the handlers above and beyond learning new skills.  The responsibility of training and caring for a dog puts them in touch with their humanity and gives them a sense of normalcy, because, if the offenders have been in prison for 5, 10, or 20 years, they haven't seen a dog or cat in all that time."

Read the article!

The women of New Beginnings invite you to join us in our prayers of the the people! 
Check back weekly and join us in our prayers for ourselves, our families, and our community.

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Check out the Stories section under SHARED WORD to see and listen to two of our members talk a little about their stories and how GOD has changed their lives through New Beginnings.

An ecumenical ministry of Christian Care at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

New Beginnings Worshipping Community is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)

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