Welcome to New Beginnings Worshipping Community

A Prison Ministry



I was sick, and you visited Me;

I was in prison, and you came to me."

~Matthew 25:36

Who We Are

We are a worshipping community,

based inside the walls of a prison.

We have our own leaders and our own pastor!

Our Mission

Together we are able to transform

shattered lives to wholeness

with the love of Jesus Christ.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When do we worship?

          - Every Friday evening at 6pm

Where do worship?

        - Inside the Denver Women's Correctional facility

            ( 3600 Havana Street, Denver CO 80239)

What do I have to do to get in?

        - Contact New Beginnings more than 2 weeks prior to desired visit with:

          1. your name as it appears on your driver's license

          2. your driver's license # and the state of issue

          3. your date of birth


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2017 Gala Stories

Demika's Story

I stand on God’s promises to be the woman He has predestined me to be. I will come forth, but until then “I will bloom where I am planted”. 


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Rachel's Story

Today, I live in a state of eternal gratitude.  God saved me.  He saved me from a fate worse than death; a life without love; a life without God.  And if He can save someone like me, believe me when I say, He can save anybody.


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Michelle's Story

This is how I want to hold my life.  I want to maintain genuine discernment.  To hold my life with authenticity.  To keep all commitment and be responsible.  To empower individuals on the existence of oppression and domestic violence.  


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Sue's Reflection

"It was a privilege to meet these women. Many looked 18 years old and fragile. Others were older with gray hair. Some were in wheel chairs and escorted by their friends. So many different faces with stories unknown to us.  It puts our lives and the freedom to come and go into a serious reality check. I plan to be there as often as I can."

Full Story Here

Current Events

Prison Events

Find out about what's happening INSIDE! New Beginnings Worshiping Community is host to Eucharistic worship services, card distribution ministry, forgiveness and Baptism classes, Music Ministry, Worship Teams and worship with the "prisoners" opportunities


card distribution ministry

Our Stories

New Beginnings Worshipping Community has touched the hearts of countless women of the Denver Women's Correctional Facility. Over the years it has brought forgiveness, love, and community into an otherwise lonely place. Hear some of the success stories from the women themselves and learn how New Beginnings Worshipping Community has positively affected their lives. 


Vertical Movement Dance Troop

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Help foster the relationships formed through the love and forgiveness offered by God in Christ.