Our congregation will never be fully financially self sufficient.

It is a difficult fundraising story to tell, given the population served.

Every year our fundraising starts from zero. We have no multi-year pledges.


Not all inmates are allowed to attend worship.

Participation in activities outside of worship such as bible study, choir, and any workshops are mandated by prison regulations.

The start and end time of worship and activities is determined by the needs of the prison. Whether it is a bell, a horn, or a siren -- women's movement are determined by prison command.

Custody Issues

Pastor care ministry is unique. The way in which you interact with parishioners is determined by security and prison scheduling. 

The prisoner needs are often dramatic and challenging. 

Pastoral Care

Prison regulations trump ministry considerations. Therefore we serve under the guidelines and at the discretion of the prison warden.

Prison Regulations

We are always in flux; high turnover of new faces; reassessment of talents and resources as inmates leave.

Losing a member is a good thing

To share the light of Christ in a dark place.

Dealing with parishioners that have challenges of trust, vulnerability, and communication. 

The parishioners are hungry for forgiveness and God's grace. 

The parishioners are thirsty for human interaction and a non-judgmental ear. 

Delivering God's Message