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Update from Pastor Terry

As you are probably aware, the covid restrictions have meant all programs, including worship, are not allowed. I am allowed to meet with women one-on-one for pastoral care (with masks on of course).

Some positive things are happening inside DWCF, in spite of the virus!

I was just given permission to give out cards to all the women in prison. This is the first time this year. I can only give out what is already inside (new cards are not allowed in yet). I plan to give them out just before Thanksgiving. I'm working with three members of the inside council twice a week to get the packs ready.

In other exciting news, the inside band, Unchained Elegance, who played during the Chow Hall Gala, will sing along with other choirs in the Boulder/Broomfield Conference during a service of readings and carols for the Sunday after Christmas.

Finally, the women on the Inside Council are doing their own discernment around the colors of the Luther Rose. It is very interesting to hear their take.

We are seeking - and seeing - hope, peace, love, and joy inside the walls regardless of anything else going on. Thank you for your support of this ministry.

~ Pastor Terry

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