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A Women's Word Of

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!  It never ceases to amaze me how on time our God is, or how gracious He is to those who seek His face.  I am one of those seekers.  I could not fathom living my life without Jesus it.  Every moment.  Every day.

My journey through the Department of Corrections has been nothing, if not miraculous.  As I have stuck to God like glue, He has blessed me beyond measure with mentors and fellowship through my participation in New Beginnings’ ministry.  Over the years, He has poured out His favor upon my life, gifting me beyond my wildest dreams with song and writings—opportunity that defied the environment and experience of prison life.

Through it all, God chose to whittle away at my sentence, as I stayed focused on His Word and work for me.  First, the life sentence I was given twenty-four years ago was changed to a forty-year sentence.  Next, that sentence was changed to a twenty-year sentence.  Eventually, although I confessed from the beginning to having committed the crime for which I was sentenced, God chose to free this guilty child of God from inside the walls of prison.

Now I write from beyond the razor wire that I was originally sentenced to die behind.  Throughout the incarceration, I have experienced the light of Christ through the presence of the leadership of New Beginnings.  They have walked with me and helped to guide me in my faith journey.  Nurtured by their love and light, New Beginnings’ chaplains have fed me manna in a prison wilderness that destroys the soul, and does not restore it.

I now live outside the prison walls in a halfway house.  I know this is a miraculous gift from God.  I am using this gift to work with a ministry on the outside of prison.  I believe I am working to feed God’s kingdom both inside and out of the prison walls.  I have been offered such grace; I can only now honor the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, with my heart, my soul and the talents given to me.

The way God weaves His plans together is beyond belief!  Only God can orchestrate such perfection.

I claim no credit for anything God has done in my life.  All glory goes to Him.  However, I will say this: when we stay focused on God, He stays focused on us, opening doors no one on earth can keep shut forever.  He prepares a way in the wilderness where the thirsty walk one step at a time.

It is not what we see that builds us up.  It is what we don’t see.  The way God works in the silent times, the painful times, the dark times, continues to astound me.  God is in it all, through it all. 

There is no way that I would be where I am today, outside the prison walls, having the purpose in life to work for God’s coming reign if it were not for the light that was offered to me through New Beginnings Church.  While “inside”, I was infused weekly with elements of faith, love, and courage—all of which are necessary when one is called to be about the business of God.

The fellowship that I found in New Beginnings fed me then and continues to feed me now as I think of the women still inside on Friday evenings when I know they are worshipping.  The fellowship we shared taught this child of God more than I could have ever hoped for.

The preparation for life beyond the razor wire is accomplished through Christ in the incredible ministry of New Beginnings Church. 

Praise and glory to God in the highest for His blessing upon this church!

In Him,


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