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"I stand on God’s promises to be the woman He has predestined me to be. I will come forth, but until then “I will bloom where I am planted”. "

"As family holiday celebrations and traditions may change through the years, eyes and hearts have the opportunity be opened in unexpected ways.  We may feel a tug to reach out and give to others we have never met. I had such an experience this year."

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The Kite Girl:

Dictionary definition of a kite: A lightweight framework of wood and paper designed to fly in a steady breeze. 

Prison definition of a kite: A means for the women within the walls to communicate with the institution, or to make a request. i.e. "Send a kite."

Prison Congregations of America Symbol: Wear the kite to remember Jesus and his people who are imprisoned. 

Communication comes in all forms. Whether it be through prayer, worship or a kite, the pneuma or Spirit, provides lift so it can fly. New Beginnings Kite Girl reminds us to feel the wind beneath our wings, to touch and be touched, and to remember the outcasts whom Jesus loves. 


"They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." 

~Isaiah 40:31b

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